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June 23 2017

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Roman OPAŁKA - Metempsychosis, 1965

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The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man (XII) is the twelfth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It depicts a pittura infamante, an image of a man being hung upside-down by one ankle. This method of hanging was a common punishment at the time for traitors in Italy. However, the solemn expression on his face traditionally suggests that he is there by his own accord, and the card is meant to represent self-sacrifice more so than it does corporal punishment or criminality. The significance of the right and left leg is based on the motivation and nature of the sacrifice being undertaken. Torchia’s engraving, showing the man hanging from the right leg would suggest a materialistic sacrifice; but the inverted meaning can indicate the opposite is true; just as with the gold and silver keys for the Temple of Solomon, right becomes left and left becomes right, which means duality.
In other interpretations, The Hanged Man is a depiction of the Norse god Odin who hung upside down from the world-tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days in order to attain wisdom. By passing through these nine days of challenge, or nine gates, Odin acquired the runes from the Well of Wyrd, the source and end of all sacred knowledge.

bardzo fajne, szkoda ze nic nie widze

"Wszystko, co idealne, zjawia się w tym życiu tylko na moment, albo raczej wcale się nie zjawia, lecz zostaje po czasie ulepione z okruchów, przemyślnie wybranych spomiędzy tego, z czego dałoby się ułożyć zupełnie inny wzór".

J. Sosnowski, Sen sów

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June 22 2017

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German soldier riding a Zebra, eastern Africa, late 1800s.
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Ciało mamy zwierzęce, lecz aspiracje boskie. (...) Hormony nasze produkują enzymy głodów nie do zaspokojenia, marzeń nie do zrealizowania, tęsknot nie do zagłuszenia. I ja w samym gąszczu, z wielką pustą głową, ze wzdętym sercem bez krwi, z rozrzedzoną duszą antymaterii. Zmęczony sobą i swoim czasem. Zmęczony ograniczeniem, niemocą, niepojmowaniem.
— Tadeusz Konwicki, Mała apokalipsa
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Fritz Hegenbart
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June 19 2017

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Odilon Redon, La Sphere (Globe)

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June 18 2017

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Louis Raemaekers (1869–1956), The Harvest Is Ripe.

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Louis Chalon

Circe and the Companions of Ulysses


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Vlastimil Beneš (Czech, 1919 - 1981)

Red cemetery (Červený hřbitov), 1966

Distemper, plaster

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Kurt Absolon (Austrian, 1925 - 1958)

Scene from the Old Testament, 1950

Oil on paper on canvas, 59 × 59.5 cm

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