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April 29 2017

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Aleph - H.R. Giger

April 28 2017

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Lo, Apep!

Xeper i Set!

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April 27 2017

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My favorite thing David Lynch has done.

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Penetracje I and II by Leszek Szurkowski, 1974

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i am going to move into the mountains and raise my kids so i can let them come home and feel the soil beneath their feet and put their fingers in the river which flowers next to our small house so they can understand what it feels like to be one with the earth from which they came

I would marry you if I didn’t know you preffer girls
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April 27. Incapable of living with people, of speaking. Complete immersion in myself, thinking of myself. Apathetic, witless, fearful. I have nothing to say to anyone - never.
— Franz Kafka, from Diaries (via kafkaesque-world)
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Africa, Mpelembe ~ Chokwe, Zambia.  ©Francois d’El

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Is Spiritualism a Fraud? (1906) 

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Douglas Pearce as himself

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