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October 06 2017

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spirit of terror, baudrillard

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Genesis P. Orridge & Boyd Rice

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Nicholas Kalmakoff

Gateway to Dreams - 1922

October 04 2017

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From ’ Mythologie de la jeunesse ’ by Pierre Blanchard ~1900 Photo by Stefano Bianchetti Bibliothèque Infernale on FB

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“Kill all noise artists! We hate Whitehouse. Piss off N.W.W. Asshole C 93. Suck P.T.V. Fuck Coil. We love disco sound. Vomit eat shit noise music.”

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October 03 2017

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Ana Mendieta, Silueta Series

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September 28 2017

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Paul Vermehren - Jesus und Seine Kirche (1713). [x] Detail.

September 26 2017

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Nekrolog ⁄ Necrology (1985) de Claus Löser

Durée : 5:55

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I’m looking forward to the Whitney Museum’s retrospective of the work of David Wojnarowicz (fall 2016) who came to prominence during the 80′s when AIDS began to claim the  lives of many artists working in NYC. DW’s use of photography, collage, and the flotsam and jetsam of a city on the verge of complete degradation and delapidation make his work a raw, emotionally searing experience. Not afraid to face the personal/political issues of time, DW stared down censorship fights with the right-wing, debates over gay rights, and alienation countered with a flurry of paintings, photographs, and films that beautifully addressed concerns many artists avoided altogether. David was fearless. 

David Wojnarowicz died of complications from AIDS in 1992.

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Jess (Franklin Burgess Collins). Collage for Joe Dunn’s The Better Dream House. Wherein the huge sickness of lovely Pauline and the first smells of imminent molasses, These make him take more steps than necessary he walks around tiring himself till he has an epiphany, Bernard walked in limping & sat in the wicker chair which had no legs, The Killing of Visions, Bernard coughed & therefore was the first to go into the playland, Pauline’s eyes watered and glistened within the shadows of her cheekbone, The window in Sal’s room had a rope which ran across the alley & up one flight to Steve’s apartment, …and became the first to listen to the white globules behind his eyes, wondered at the small death bubbles more numerous than notebooks, and a half note and ten feet above it all     the moon! (top to bottom). White Rabbit Press. 1968.

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Psychedelic collage by Bill Graham (1967)

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The woman with the candle (detail) by Cornelis Visscher II, c. 1643-1658.

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Urania (detail) by an unknown artist, c. 1601-1652.

I am fascinated by the idea that our civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness
— Werner Herzog (via drakontomalloi)

September 24 2017

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The Seven Stages of Alchemical Transformation.

It’s easy to dismiss alchemy as an ancient and outmoded form of chemistry - a stumbling block along the history of scientific thought. And that is for the most part, what people outside of spiritual circles do. It gives to the uninitiated a somewhat comical impression: a loony man’s thirst for material wealth leads him to believe that it’s possible to turn lead into gold.
Like most occult practices, the true value of alchemy is hidden underneath much obscure symbolism, warding off the muggles, and keeping the secrets within. What alchemy is actually fixated on is spiritual development - with the end goal being a state of awareness, completion and harmony. If you’re saying that this sounds familiar, you’re right - it’s similar to the states that we see in other religious or esoteric traditions, including tarot and buddhism, as just a few examples. Alchemy is another thread that links all religions and faiths to the vast indra’s net of spirituality. Here, we’ll follow and trace the metaphor of creating the philosopher’s stone from prima materia, and what it means in terms of self development and actualization.

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David Lynch

September 23 2017

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David Lynch’s Industrial Photography (Detail)

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